Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What forms of payment can be used over the Western Union Payment Services (formerly known as Speedpay, Inc.) payment system ?
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • American Express
    • ATM/debit card (STAR, NYCE, PULSE, ACCEL)
    • Personal Checking Account
  2. How will I know my transaction was completed ?
    A: You will receive a confirmation number once the transaction is complete. Please record this confirmation number for future reference if needed.
  3. My transaction was rejected, what must I do now ?
    A: Contact your credit card company or banking institution for further information. If they are unable to assist, please contact City of Tallahassee Utility Customer Services at (850) 891 - 4968 for assistance.
  4. My transaction was rejected, however my credit card company has confirmed that my available balance is sufficient to cover the payment amount and fees. Why is the transaction being rejected ?
    A: There are multiple reasons that your transaction could be rejected, including:
    • Credit card number was entered incorrectly
    • Expiration date was entered incorrectly
    • The ZIP code entered for validation purposes was not the ZIP code listed on the mailing address of your credit card account.
  5. When will my payment be posted to my utility account ?
    A: All payments made before 4PM EST will be posted the day the payment is made. Payments made after 4PM EST will be posted the next business day.
  6. My account has been disconnected. If I make my payment over Western Union Payment Services (formerly known as Speedpay, Inc.) when will my account be reconnected ?
    A: You must pay your entire past due balance, in addition to the Western Union transfer fee, in order for a reconnect order to be processed.
    • If the payment is made before 4PM EST a reconnect order will be processed the same day.
    • If the payment is made after 4PM EST you must contact City of Tallahassee Customer Services at (850) 891 - 4968 to ensure your services are reconnected on the same day. Otherwise a reconnect order will not be generated until the following business day.
  7. Can I pay by phone ?
    A: Yes. The toll free number is 1-877-765-8189. You must have your utility account number and payment information available.
  8. Why is there a fee to use this service ?
    A: The Western Union transfer fee is paid directly to Western Union Speedpay to cover the cost of providing this convenient service.

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